The relentless rise of mobile live casino

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David Mann, Chief Commercial Officer at Swintt says that live casino is going mobile and this means that operators and suppliers must do more to deliver an engaging and entertaining mobile live dealer experience

The rise of live casinos has been meteoric with the growth the vertical has seen in recent years showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, data suggests live dealers could account for more than half of all online casino revenue within the next five years.

Allied to the growth in the live casino has been growth in the number of players using mobile as their preferred channel of play, which is why operators must ensure they provide a seamless live dealer experience across all devices but especially smartphones and tablets.

But what does a smooth and seamless mobile live casino experience look like, and what challenges do operators and suppliers face when it comes to delivering it to players?

Smooth, seamless, and intuitive

The key to a leading mobile live casino experience lies in the user interface, which needs to be designed specifically for the limited screen real estate available on smartphones and some smaller tablets. Simplicity is absolutely the best approach here.

Players need to be able to explore the live casino lobby without excessive tapping, swiping, and scrolling and, once they do open the game window, they need to be able to clearly see all game-control icons and easily understand what they mean.

The stability and smoothness of the stream are also critical. The stream must not cut out at any moment but especially when the game round is being played. The footage must also be clear and not grainy – buffering is bad and will see players leave the casino and play elsewhere.

Enter the mobile mindset

In the past, live casino developers would build their games for desktop and then optimise them for mobile but today it needs to be the reverse.

Providers must first design and develop for the smaller screen sizes and technical limitations of mobile and then look at how they can build out the desktop version of the game. This can be a challenge for studios as most work from desktop computers when creating their games.

To move away from this and to enter the mobile mindset, studios must constantly remind themselves that more than 80% of players will be accessing their games from a smartphone and in most cases, the vertical position. They must design and develop for this first and foremost.

Of course, the greatest challenge is to deliver the same levels of engagement and entertainment on mobile as on desktop while also providing the unrivaled trust that live dealer fosters between player and casino.

This means considering things like the camera angles being used as well as the sounds that are captured and used to enhance the playing experience. Ultimately, we are trying to make players feel as though they are sat down at the gaming table of a real-world Vegas casino.

Dealers are the stars of the show

That is why dealers are such a crucial element of delivering an unrivalled mobile live casino experience. They can be and often are the difference between the player having a memorable experience and one they would like to forget.

This is even more important on mobile where it is so much harder to keep the player’s attention focused on the game – they are often playing while out and about where their entertainment bubble can be burst by someone sitting next to them on the bus, for example.

The dealer is often what keeps players focused on the game while also delivering the five-star, VIP experience that makes players want to keep coming back for more.

With that in mind, we believe it is important to use the best dealers in the business and that is why we only use those that have experience in hosting tables located on the floors of some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

Live casino and mobile play will only continue on their upwards growth trajectory and that is why it is so important for operators – and live dealer game developers – to continue to push the boundaries and improve the player experience on smartphones.

This is certainly a challenge given the limitations of mobile, but by adopting the right development mindset and always thinking about the end-user it is a challenge that can easily be overcome.

For Swintt, we are motivated by this desire to engage and entertain players with our mobile live casino titles and will continue to do all we can to design and develop the best live dealer games in the business.

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