UK High Court dismisses IGT’s claims in National Lottery licence case

BratislavV 2 months ago
UK High Court dismisses IGT’s claims in National Lottery licence case

The legal battle for National Lottery licence concludes with High Court verdict against IGT

The High Court has recently dismissed the damages claim made by International Game Technology (IGT) in connection with the Gambling Commission’s tender process for the fourth National Lottery licence.

In September, the Gambling Commission awarded the coveted lottery licence to Allwyn from the Czech Republic, resulting in Camelot UK losing its three-decade-long position as the operator of the UK National Lottery. In response, Camelot initiated a legal challenge against the decision and was joined by IGT, its technology provider.

However, after Allwyn acquired Camelot, ending the legal challenge, IGT persisted in pursuing damages. The High Court has now ruled that IGT lacks the legal standing to make claims against the Gambling Commission.

In a statement, the Gambling Commission declared, “This brings an end to all IGT litigation regarding the fourth licence competition in the Commission’s favour, subject to any IGT appeal against this decision. We remain resolute that we have run a fair and robust competition and that our evaluation has been carried out fairly and lawfully in accordance with our statutory duties.”

The Commission further emphasised, “We have taken every step possible to ensure a level playing field for all interested parties, to enable us to appoint a licencee who will engage and protect players, run the National Lottery with integrity and ensure the National Lottery maximises support for good causes and its contribution to society through further innovation and investment.”

Earlier last week Allwyn and Camelot UK announced a collaborative plan to assist retailers in preparing for the transition to the next National Lottery licence. Allwyn is set to assume the operation of the UK National Lottery on February 1, 2024, necessitating changes to existing lottery retailer agreements.

Allwyn and Camelot have proposed that retailers electronically transfer their agreements to Allwyn by December 18, well in advance of Allwyn’s commencement as the licencee. The agreements will be updated to reflect Allwyn as the new operator, consolidating two separate terminal agreements into one.

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