[WATCH] Digital Quill: Content marketing with Isabella Banda at SiGMA 2021

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[WATCH] Digital Quill: Content marketing with Isabella Banda at SiGMA 2021

Veteran content creator and CEO of the WRITERS Group, Isabella Banda spoke to Charity Ovbiagele about the digitalization of the market and how written content is a pillar of any marketing approach

Elaborating on her background, Isabella’s content has toured the world beginning from her home of Australia where she helped tech businesses such as DocuSign develop a more human approach in their marketing. She would then move to the UK which allowed her to branch into the global fashion industry and get her first taste of social media marketing before she finally reached Malta, stepping into the iGaming world through her work with LeoVegas. Noticing the gap in the market for high quality content that converted into sales, she founded the WRITERS Group to fill it.

So we started in 2019. I was actually in Greece when I set up my first project. My first project was actually for a Norwegian affiliate company and we were requested to do over three and a half million words in about four months, which was a big task for one of your first projects but we actually really had a great experience and it really shaped our understanding on what foundation is needed for this type of work so it was definitely a great one to start off with.

Charity then asked if she could elaborate on the multidisciplinary approach that the Group had and how it could create content for industries as varied as Blockchain, eCommerce and Gaming.

We actually focus on a number of different industries. iGaming and affiliates are our main kind of area. However we have a pool of over 35 plus writers all scattered across the world and they are all very niche and specific to different industries. So we have everything from cryptocurrency, FinTech, we’ve got health and wellness, we’ve got fashion and lifestyle, eCommerce. The list is never ending. However, we started off and have more primarily focused on iGaming and affiliates.

Charity then moved towards the effect COVID was having on the industry. With the economy digitizing more than it ever has before, online marketing has become an even more vital part of the new economic model.

I definitely see a shift. Obviously we started off as an online provider and everything we do is done remotely. This year has really been shaped by COVID-19. So we really saw a lot of brands needing to start focusing on their online presence, a lot more coming out with a little bit more of a refined tone of voice that’s more nurturing, inspiring and informative rather than being really heavily focused around sales.

The end client is spending so much more time online. So I think that the need for good content is prime at the moment. So we really, although we struggled with not being able to interact with people face-to-face and having those kinds of meetings, we did see a positive increase in business because everyone is just so focused on needing it online.

Describing their services, Isabella spoke about how the Group offered content writing, translation, localization, SEO, link-building, social media, marketing and management.

SEO, as we know, it’s so crucial for any businesses growth. It is just becoming more and more important. People are becoming impatient and they tend to go onto Google and click the first couple of links that they come across. And that’s why it’s so important to have high quality content and SEO. That really helps you rank because people aren’t going to sit there and scroll for ages, trying to find which company is actually the best.

Finishing her point on content creation, she stated that Content was still king and everyone knows it.

It’s how businesses speak to their audience. It’s how they entice them into taking an action and if you’re not actually communicating with that audience in a way that suits your brand, you’re really missing out on so much value and growth for your business.

She concluded by sharing how happy she was to be at the expo after the long COVID drought and how it was lovely getting the chance to network again.

SiGMA 2022:

After the exciting set of conferences that was Malta Week 2021, the SiGMA Group plans to take the world by storm with the golden steeples of Kiev and the snowy city of Toronto being hubs to draw the best and brightest of the iGaming world together. Our next expo takes us to cutting-edge metropoli of the United Arab Emirates for three days of networking, panel discussions and festivities. Stay up to date with the latest and greatest through SiGMA News.

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