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3D Roulette

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Slot Information

Reels Free Spins
Paylines Max. Bet
RTP 98.65 Min. Bet 0.5
Software Volatility Medium
Theme Jackpot type

It was fascinating to observe how the designers from 1×2 Gaming had mimicked the atmosphere of a real casino, making us feel as if we were standing right next to the spinning wheel as we played 3D Roullete. The gameplay follows standard roulette principles, giving both seasoned and new players comfort and intuitive mechanics.

Does 3D Roulette Appeal to the Senses?

The game’s sharp 3D graphics bring the classic roulette experience to life with unparalleled clarity. Selecting and placing bets is simple and accurate, replicating the real-life action of playing roulette in a land-based casino. As you set the chips on the virtual table, you can practically feel them in your hand. This visual extravaganza is accompanied by a narrating voice that adds an intriguing dimension to the gameplay by announcing figures and guiding players through different phases of play.

The most exciting moment for us is, without a doubt, when the wheel spins. As the ball whirls about, the great attention to detail is visible, accompanied by genuine sound effects that heighten the excitement. Adding to the immersive experience is the background music, a smooth jazz soundtrack that evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication.

The Spinning Mechanics of the 3D Roulette Wheel

The 3D Roulette game provides a variety of betting options to both cautious and big rollers who like to play online roulette for real money. The minimum bet is set at 0.5, allowing newbies or those who wish to play it safe to participate without taking on too much danger. With a maximum wager limit of 500, the game also caters to thrill seekers and seasoned gamblers. Because of the wide betting range, 3D Roulette is accessible and exciting for all types of players.

3D Roulette sticks to traditional roulette possibilities, giving traditional roulette fans a sense of comfort. Among other typical betting options, players can place straight bets, choose between red and black, or choose even/odd numbers. These varied choices offer players the flexibility to strategize according to their preferences and risk tolerance.

The game offers medium volatility. This level strikes a balance between reward frequency and magnitude, delivering an exciting yet relatively predictable gameplay experience.

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 3D Roulette is one of its most prominent features, standing at an astonishing 98.65%. Compared to other casino games, this RTP is fairly high, meaning that players have a better chance of earning back a considerable amount of their wagers over time.

3D Roulette Gameplay

The gameplay of 3D Roulette doesn’t differ too much from playing roulette at your local casino. You choose your chip size and place it in the space corresponding to your betting intention. Based on where the ball falls during the spin, you get winnings or the virtual dealer takes the chips from the table. This is a European Roulette game, meaning that it has 37 possible pockets. You can find the payout table below:

Bet Payout
Straight 36x
Split 18x
Three numbers 12x
Corner (4 numbers) 9x
Six Numbers 6x
Dozen 3x
Column 3x
Odd or Even 2x
High or Low 2x
Red or Black 2x

We recommend you play 3D Roulette for free here to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, especially if you don’t have much roulette experience. If you are not convinced that this version of online roulette is for you, you can try out other free games before depositing funds to test strategies.

Rolling Features to Expect

3D Roulette stays faithful to its classic roots by avoiding incorporating typical modern innovations. It compensates, however, by providing features that streamline and improve the standard roulette experience, making it more user-friendly and adaptable to individual playing styles.

Rebet Feature

Instead of repeating the procedure of placing each bet separately after the end of a round, players can just click the ‘Rebet’ option. This convenience allows for a quick restart, allowing players to keep their rhythm and focus on the game without repeating the same bets.

Double Bet Feature

The ‘Double Bet’ function is another noteworthy feature. Players can easily double their bets with a single click, rather than increasing their stakes chip by chip. It’s an effective strategy to increase excitement and potential winnings, especially for individuals who are confident in their bets.

3D Roulette Brings Virtual Gambling to Life

3D Roulette is a shining illustration of how contemporary technology can revitalize an age-old game. We discovered that it retains the spirit of roulette while incorporating characteristics that make it more accessible and pleasant in a digital format. Whether you’re a seasoned roulette player or a newbie eager to experience the excitement of the spin, 3D Roulette provides a full and stimulating gaming experience that is difficult to match.

Our Verdict

A truly classic European roulette experience is evident in 3D Roulette from 1×2 Gaming.

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