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We recently gave Mahjong Ways 3 a try. It’s a slot from PlayStar that came out in 2023, but you might blink and think it’s been around longer, given its basic aesthetic. In this review, we will go over this game’s design, mechanics, gameplay, and special features, so keep reading. And we’re not just going to write about it. We’ve also got a video review out to show you how the playthrough looks.

The Sights and Sounds of Mahjong Ways 3

Mahjong Ways 3 by PlayStar is a game that’s decided to keep things pretty simple. It doesn’t go all out with flashy graphics or over-the-top animations, which could be a breath of fresh air or a bit of a letdown, depending on what you’re into. The game sticks to its Mahjong roots, using symbols that look just like the tiles from the classic Chinese game. It’s neat, but if you were expecting something more visually stimulating, well—you might find it a bit on the plain side.

The colors are mostly a mix of blues and pinks. Even though it’s a nice touch, in most online slots, where every new game seems to push the envelope on graphics and effects, Mahjong Ways 3’s design might not catch your eye at first glance.

Now, let’s talk about the sounds. The game has this unique feature where you’ll hear people speaking in Chinese in the background. Mandarin? Cantonese? It’s supposed to add to the authenticity, which is cool, but if you don’t understand what’s being said, it’s just… there. 

In a nutshell, Mahjong Ways 3 doesn’t go overboard trying to impress with its looks or sounds. It’s got a simple charm to it, sticking close to what a game of Mahjong feels like. For players who love the game or prefer their slots without too much fuss, it’s spot on. But if you’re all about the newest thrills in slot technology, this one might seem a tad too laid-back.

Behind the Tiles and Mechanics

Mahjong Ways 3 throws in a bit of a curveball with its betting options. It stretches from a $1 minimum bet all the way up to $600. Yeah, you read that right – starting at a dollar is a bit steep for a “minimum,” and peaking at $600 isn’t what you’d call typical. This range might have you wondering if this game’s really for the casual player or if it’s targeting those with deeper pockets.

Forget the usual paylines. Mahjong Ways 3 is all about clusters on a 4-5-5-5-5-4 setup. You need to match at least four symbols to win. 

As for the game’s feel, it sits somewhere between medium and high on the volatility scale. This means while wins might not pop up every other spin, they have the potential to be more substantial when they do. It’s a setup that’ll probably appeal more to those who don’t mind waiting for the bigger catches.

The RTP, or how much the game pays back over time, is 96.92%. That’s slightly above what you usually see. 

It’s important to mention that the maximum payout of Mahjong Ways 3 is capped at 1000x your stake. Generally, this is not considered a massive jackpot among online slots. In fact, it is quite small, especially given the high maximum bet limit. However, if you consider the slightly above-average RTP, you can turn a blind eye and consider this a reasonable potential return.

Master the Gameplay

Are you curious about Mahjong Ways 3 but not ready to risk any cash yet? No worries, the Mahjong Ways 3 demo here is your go-to. It’s a stress-free way to see what the game’s all about without spending a penny. We’re not typically Mahjong players, but we were determined to learn the game and apply our slot knowledge to win. So, if you’ve got the Mahjong basics down, you’ll likely get the hang of this slot a bit faster.

When you’re ready to up the stakes, you’ve got a wide bet range from $1 up to a crazy $600, so there’s something for everyone.

If you’re the type to let the game do its thing, you’ll love the Autoplay option. It lets you kick back and watch the spins roll on their own for up to a thousand rounds. And if you’re in a bit of a hurry, Speed Mode gets those reels spinning faster, so you can fit more action into your sessions.

The symbols in Mahjong Ways 3 pay homage to traditional Mahjong tiles. The paytable looked a little complicated at first, but after we figured it out, everything started to make sense. 

Take, for example, the green-symbol tile which varies wildly in payout. It grants anything from a 2x to a 1,000x multiplier on your stake for a single tile, while the next highest, a red-symbol tile, dramatically drops to offer just a 1.5x payout. As for the rest, their payouts span from the lowly 0.02x up to 1x the stake per tile. 

This might seem a tad confusing at first glance, but it boils down to this: securing a win requires you to align at least four tiles of the same kind next to each other on the board. The total win for such a cluster is calculated by adding up the individual payouts of each tile within it.

Getting a feel for these symbols and how they pay out in the demo can prepare you for the real deal. You’ll get a handle on what to look out for and start getting strategies in mind for when you’re ready to play for real money. So, give the demo a try, get comfortable with the game, and when you feel primed and ready, take advantage of the full Mahjong Ways 3 experience.

Stacking the Mahjong Ways 3 Features

Mahjong Ways 3 packs a couple of special features that really improve the gameplay and take the game beyond your standard slot experience. Next up, we take a look at what makes these features stand out.

Golden Symbols and Multipliers

First up, during any spin, you might notice some symbols turning gold. This isn’t just for show. After the symbols cascade down and fill the empty spaces, these gold-plated icons can transform into wilds and help you piece together those winning combinations.

And then there’s the multiplier magic. Every win you hit boosts the multiplier for the next round, starting at 1x and climbing up to 2x, 3x, and even 5x in subsequent rounds. It’s a race to keep those wins coming and watch the multipliers stack up.

Free Spins Round

Scatters are your best friend here, with four or more kicking off a round of 10, 12 or 15 Mahjong Ways bonus spins. Land four or more scatters during these bonus spins, and you’ll bag 5 extra spins. The chance to retrigger these rounds means the sky’s the limit on how rewarding your free spins can get.

The maximum number of free spins is capped at 200.

Golden Dragon Respins

Every now and then, the Golden Dragon might grace your first reel and trigger a respin. This isn’t just any respin, though. It can wipe the slate clean and drop a new set of symbols, potentially continuing your winning streak. Active in both the main game and the bonus rounds, this feature adds momentum to every win.

Lucky Strike Feature

If waiting for scatters isn’t your style, Mahjong Ways 3 offers a shortcut. The Lucky Strike feature lets you buy directly into the free spins round for 60x your wager. It’s a bit of a gamble, but for those who prefer to cut to the chase, it can be a game-changer. On your next spin, you’ll hit either 4, 5, or 6 scatters, which will kick off the Free Spins round.

Mahjong Ways 3 Livens Up a Chinese Classic

Tackling Mahjong Ways 3 was like showing up to a new kind of game night, one in which Mahjong meets modern slot mechanics in an unexpected mash-up. PlayStar has definitely made something out of the ordinary here. The betting options throw you for a loop, though. That’s quite the range! 

And while the graphics and those snippets of Chinese conversations in the background are on the simpler side, they add a certain flavor that makes Mahjong Ways 3 stand out from the crowd. It’s quirky, a little offbeat, and admittedly had us feeling a bit out of our element at times.But here’s the thing—for anyone with a fondness for Mahjong or looking for other casino games that dare to be different, Mahjong Ways 3 could be a perfect fit. With its interesting features, like transforming golden symbols and multipliers that build up for bigger wins, there’s plenty to keep you engaged. Mahjong fans or those craving something new might just find themselves pleasantly surprised by Mahjong Ways 3.