Aviator Taking Off In South America

Content Team 11 months ago
Aviator Taking Off In South America

With Brazil reportedly on the cusp of a long-overdue update to its online gambling laws, we sat down with Spribe to discover how its flagship Aviator title is already racking up the air miles with players at the many offshore casino sites currently servicing the country.

Online gambling is something of a legal grey area in Brazil. While all casino activity was technically prohibited in the 1940s by the Criminal Contravention Act, there’s nothing in the legislation that expressly prohibits online gambling. As such, players in the country are free to play at offshore casinos without fear of reprisal – and it’s through this medium that Spribe has established its market foothold.

Setting out in 2018 on a mission to disrupt the iGaming industry through its innovative range of Turbo Games, Spribe has now established itself as one of the go-to software providers for Brazilian players. The brand is currently available at a number of overseas platforms that are open to customers in the country, with Estrelabet, Betpix365, Betano, KTO, Apostaganha, Betmotion, Sportsbet, F12bet, Blaze.com and Pixbet.com all on the current roster and many others already in the pipeline for 2023.

As such, it’s one of the best-known studios in Brazil and has already put itself in a market-leading position for when long-anticipated regulatory reform arrives. With Spribe games being among the top grossing titles at all of the aforementioned offshore casinos sites, should the country finally elect to award licenses internally, there will undoubtedly be a clamour among operators to host the

No better is Spribe’s popularity in the Brazilian market encapsulated than by the phenomenal success of its flagship title, Aviator. Utilising a revolutionary “increasing curve” mechanic, the game sees a prize multiplier increase as a virtual plane takes flight. Players are then tasked with cashing out their multiplier before the plane flies off and their bet is forfeited, adding a strategic element to gameplay. This simple but engaging mechanic has clearly struck a chord with players in the country, as it replicates the skill aspect of the various mobile games they’ve grown up with.

Given Spribe’s titles are specifically targeted at the Millennial/Gen Y audience – the vast majority of whom play games and access social media on their phone on a daily basis – it’s no coincidence that Aviator has made a real impact in Brazil, where the average age of casino users is generally lower than it is throughout Europe.

Additionally, the game’s social aspects have enabled Aviator to build up a passionate community following in the country, with thousands of players regularly participating in the Spribe’s signature “Aviarace” tournaments. Featuring live leaderboards, in-play statistics and a chat facility that all combine to create an engaging and competitive user experience, these events have proved a huge success for operators and are frequently among the most popular promotions available to Brazilians.

Of course, while Aviator has already soared its way to a place in the hearts and minds of Brazilian players, it really is only the beginning of what promises to be a long and prosperous flight for Spribe – and when the current legislation is reviewed and more and more operators wake up to the vast potential of Turbo Games in the country, the sky really is the limit to what the brand could yet achieve.

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