Best Casino Bonuses For New Players

Andjelka Jovanovic 3 years ago
Best Casino Bonuses For New Players

How to source the sites going above and beyond to reward loyal players with casino bonuses


When it comes to giving both new and existing players bonus rewards, online casinos rarely hold back. The internet is literally filled with hundreds of different casino bonuses for new online punters. While there seems to be a general unwritten agreement to reward players with bonuses, some online gambling sites go way beyond the limits. These sites ensure their new recipients get the best offers to play all their favourite games. But how can you tell which offers are the best? Keep reading this article to find more. After reading, visit Casino Kokemus to find some mind-blowing offers!  

Welcome bonus 

The world of online gambling is getting more saturated as the days go by. More online casinos are springing up, so much that players now have too many options at their disposal. On the other hand, these online casinos, who need players to stay in business, engage in stiff competitions to secure the most user base. Therefore, to grab the attention of gamers, Casino operators have come up with a strategy known as a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus is provided strictly to new customers who sign up to an online casino. The welcome bonus varies across different gambling platforms. Some offer bigger bonuses while others choose to give away something meagre. 

All in all, a constant battle is ongoing between the top casinos in the industry to offer the most generous signup bonuses. And guess who stands to benefit from this competition? Of course, casino enthusiasts. 

No deposit bonus 

This is one bonus that does not care whether you choose to fund your casino account or not. Regardless of your actionsit remains true to its nature, which is to provide you with some bonus funds even when your account is empty. As such, the no deposit bonus has become extremely popular among punters. Some might ask how the casino benefits from this arrangement. In fact, it is a win-win for everyone involved. 

For the player, they are allowed to try their hands on real money casino games without any financial commitment on their part. The casino, on the other hand, benefits from the number of punters who play the game for free. It works like this: for instance, say 1 million gamers play a particular casino game for free. About 200,000 of them may end up enjoying the game so much that when the bonus expires, they will continue with real money. With this scenario, it is easy to see that the online casino stands to benefit more from the arrangement in the end.  

Typically, a no deposit casino bonuses comes in the form of free spins which is to be used to play video slots. However, you can also receive them as bonus funds on certain online casinos. In whatever form they are offered, they present the punter with a free shot at hitting it big at an online casino.  

Free Spins Bonus 

Like I mentioned earlier, free spins are introduced for the purpose of playing casino games for free, just like its name suggests. This bonus is usually offered by some top online casinos to play slots. Sometimes, software providers make use of free spins to know the opinion of punters about their newly released slot game. Free spins are not provided for every game. Whenever you see a free spins offer, it is usually to play slots. Punters have learnt to use free spins to their advantage in various ways. Some use it to accrue winnings, while others use it to learn the tricks of a gamand adopt strategies before playing with real money. 

Deposit Match Bonus 

This is the most common type of welcome bonus. It works like this: a percentage of a player’s initial deposit is offered to him as bonus funds. For instance, a casino may offer 50%, 100or more as deposit match bonus. What this means is that if a 100% match deposit bonus is offered to you, you will be given €100 in bonus funds when you make an initial deposit of €100.  

Do not forget to take note of the attached wagering requirements, which must be fulfilled before you can claim any bonus winnings. Sometimes, the higher a bonus offer is, the more complex its wagering requirement will be.  


Now that you know the best casino bonuses for new players, and can tell the difference between free spins, deposit bonus and the rest, you can finally go ahead and choose a casino bonus that meets your standards. You can check out the list of sign up bonuses at Casino Kokemus and take your pick. Remember, terms and conditions will always apply. So do not forget to study them thoroughly in order to be sure of what you’re getting into. After you have ticked all the right boxes, go ahead and sign up and claim your welldeserved bonus offer today! 

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