CS:GO Source 2 – the next big thing in esports?

Maria Debrincat 1 year ago
CS:GO Source 2 – the next big thing in esports?

It has been a decade since the launch of CS:GO, a title that has changed the landscape of esports

With a sequel recently announced, we spoke with Betby.Games’ Product Owner, Kirill Nekrasov, about what sets the game apart and if this will see others explore creating follow-up titles.

What made CS:GO an esports betting favourite in the first place? Why did it stand apart from other FPS’s in competitive gameplay?

More than 10 years ago, CS:GO became one of the first computer disciplines on which bookmakers began to accept bets and saw the incredible potential not only of CS:GO, but of esports in general.

The popularity of CS:GO in betting is easily explained and is multifaceted. Firstly, the game is easy to understand and the mechanics of determining the winner is similar to classic sports.

The threshold for entering this discipline is very low, just a few rounds and you already have a basic understanding of what is happening and where you can bet.

An exclusive interview with Betby.Games’ Product Owner, Kirill Nekrasov.

The internal economy of the game itself with skins has dramatically increased. Only a few years ago, thousands of sites offered to bet on CS:GO matches using in-game items. Of course, this had an incredible impact on the growth in popularity of classic CS:GO bets.

And finally, the all-important media component. Tournament organisers, game creators and esports clubs do everything to make CS:GO not only enjoyable to play, but also to view.

All major tournaments, starting from the distant DreamHack in 2013, generated incredible interest among the audience, which has not subsided to this day.

We saw great potential in CS:GO, that’s why we included this game in the portfolio of Betby.Games and we certainly haven’t been disappointed. Even competitions amongst bots attract big interest from customers, which just highlights its popularity.

Are team-based shooter games unique in their ability to stand out as esports products? With its straightforward rules, exciting gameplay and quick resolution.

Of course. Simplicity and a low threshold for entering the game attract both ordinary users and esports fans, which makes this product truly unique.

Against the backdrop of the incredibly popular League Of Legends and DOTA2, shooters stand out because of their simplicity. A person who does not know anything about esports after watching five minutes of DOTA2 gameplay will most likely understand absolutely nothing, while in five minutes of broadcasting CS:GO, you can catch the basic principle of the game.

Do not forget about fast markets, which are plentiful in CS:GO and can be calculated quickly.

Would the sequel detract from the popularity of CS:GO as an esports product, or split a potential bettor base?

The first rumours that the developers will release CS:GO on Source 2 appeared in the spring of 2020. Now it has finally been revealed a new game is to be released.
We expect a sharp increase in interest from our players who enjoy betting on CS:GO. This is a significant event that many fans are waiting for, and I believe that there will be no negative consequences for the esports product.

How much further can eSports grow as a betting product?

I am convinced that we are only at the very beginning of the journey and esports as a product for betting will only enhance every day.

Just a couple of years ago, it was hard to imagine that games on mobile devices (King of Glory, Mobile Legend, Wild Rift) would become an integral part of an esports betting product or that betting on a particular player’s statistics would become something common.

There are no borders or limits for esports and it will continue to develop.

Do you feel there is a strong possibility that other popular titles will follow suit with sequels if this game is a success?

Time will tell, but I don’t think there is a strong likelihood that studios will run to make new versions of their games is high. Rather the opposite.

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