PIGO: The future gaming of Southeast Asia? 

Christine Denosta 1 month ago
PIGO: The future gaming of Southeast Asia? 

When Philippine Inland Gaming Operators (PIGOs) entered Southeast Asia’s gaming industry, they created a shift in the region’s traditional gambling habits. They brought an intricate change in the industry amidst the continuous rise of challenges and concerns regarding illegal offshore gambling activities. 

Expansion and offerings 

In 2020, PIGOs started offering more than just the traditional table gambling games played in casinos. Sports betting and e-sabong or online cockfighting became rampant, driving numerous strategic collaborations among operators and businesses. As PIGOs continued to expand their market and customer bases with their new offerings, they were also able to cause an extravagant increase in their revenues. 

Regulatory landscape 

PIGOs were implemented as a response to economic constraints the Philippines is facing against illegal gambling activities. However, PIGOs now offer playing categories that were ordinarily reserved for VIPs. 

Despite continuous expansion and enhancement, the gaming industry and its players still encounter regulatory obstacles and challenges, especially with bank procedures like Know Your Customer (KYC). These hurdles affect operational environments and dictate the industry’s market pace.

Regional impact and future outlook 

PIGOs’ success didn’t stop in the Philippines; they are now expanding their influence in Southeast Asia. Countries like Thailand and Malaysia have started formulating similar regulatory frameworks to control their gambling activities. Ideally, uniform frameworks and technological advancements between neighbouring countries can be critical factors for future growth and promotion of Asian influence with market dynamics and operational efficiencies in the gaming industry. 

PIGOs now stand at the forefront of Southeast Asia’s gaming industry, starting the fire for implementing regulatory innovation and market adaptation. Their ability to navigate a dynamic environment allows them to set their position in the market in high regard. As Southeast Asia continues to adapt to the digital transformation of the gaming industry, PIGOs’ influence is expected to persist in this industry, paving the way for the introduction of sustainable growth and responsible gaming practises in the region.

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