Self-exclusion software: BetBlocker forges new partnerships

Garance Limouzy 1 month ago
Self-exclusion software: BetBlocker forges new partnerships

As iGaming offerings expand, mobile self-exclusion software is gaining popularity.

In recent years, tools like BetBlocker, Gamban, or Gamblock have innovated ways for problem gamblers to opt out of gambling. BetBlocker, a market leader, recently secured two partnerships: one with a cryptocurrency casino and another with an AI-driven analytics provider.

The future of responsible gaming?

BetBlocker, a non-profit, free-to-use software, helps bettors seeking self-exclusion and is entirely funded through charitable donations. Recent partnerships aim to expand the software’s reach through funding and additional resources.

As a digital tool, BetBlocker is more versatile than traditional self-exclusion programmes. Users can not only self-exclude for periods ranging from days to years, but also limit access to betting platforms during recurring specific vulnerable times, such as evening or week-ends. The app includes parental control options. It can also target gambling advertisements.

In the USA, a programme will soon enable nationwide self-exclusion, adapting traditional methods to modern and often digitised gambling, acknowledging the necessity for programmes that transcend geographical boundaries. The strength of self-exclusion software lies in its ability to target operators worldwide.

BetBlocker cannot be uninstalled like other apps. It states: “Gambling addiction often involves an inability to control wagering impulses. Therefore, the tool would fail if disabled during a Gambling Self-Restriction. Once activated, a Gambling Self-Restriction cannot be lifted. We ensure BetBlocker is as difficult as possible to remove during a Gambling Self-Restriction. Our User Support Team will not assist in removing it while restrictions are active.”


Some users have reported in online reviews that the app doesn’t function properly on their phones, despite its claimed coverage of over 83,000 gambling websites. Besides technical issues, a reason cited for occasional malfunctions is that some casinos try to bypass blocking apps by slightly altering their URLs when they detect a user might be using such software.

BetBlocker relies partly on users to report gambling sites not yet blocked by the app in order to broaden its reach. Securing additional funding through partnerships is also crucial for the charity.

Looking ahead, the gaming industry will shift its focus to Eastern Europe this September with the SiGMA East Europe Summit 2024 By Soft2Bet in Budapest.

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