Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpot Slots

What Are Progressive Slots?

Each time a player spins and misses the jackpot prize, a tiny fraction of their wager gets allocated to an ever-increasing prize pool. This implies that the jackpot keeps inflating until one lucky spinner lands the right combination. The purpose and meaning of progressive slots lie in this continuous accumulation.
These games are widely available at online casinos, making them accessible to a broad range of slot players.

Differences Between Regular Jackpot Slots and Progressive Jackpot Slots

When it comes to slots, you have two options—the steady journey of regular jackpots or the rollercoaster ride of progressive slots online. Let’s go over the key differences:

Non-progressive slotsProgressive jackpot slots
Jackpot SizeThe jackpot amount is fixed and doesn’t changeThe prize increases with every spin until someone wins the jackpot
Payout FrequencyTend to pay out more often than progressive jackpotsLess frequent payouts
Winning OddsHigher chances of winningLower odds of winning a progressive jackpot
GameplayOffers consistent gameplay with a known prizeThe ever-increasing jackpot ups the ante
ProsMore frequent wins
Consistent jackpot size
Potential for huge, life-changing wins
More exciting gameplay
ConsLower maximum payouts
Less dramatic winnings
Lower winning odds
Jackpot wins are less frequent

So, are progressive slots better? It’s like choosing between a cozy local diner and a high-end gourmet restaurant. Traditional slots offer a familiar, comforting experience with smaller, more frequent wins. The best progressive slots, on the other hand, are meant for people who are adventurous and yearn for a once-in-a-lifetime jackpot feast.

How Progressive Slot Games Work

Have you ever wondered how those massive jackpots in progressive slots came into being? It’s simpler than you might think. Let’s break it down using one of the biggest progressive jackpots, Mega Moolah from Microgaming, as an example:

  1. Every spin counts: When you play a game like Mega Moolah at any casino connected to the Microgaming network, a small part of your bet goes into the jackpot pool. This network can span multiple casinos, so whether you’re playing at Casino A or Casino B, your chances of hitting the jackpot are the same.
  2. Growing jackpot: The beauty of online progressive jackpot slots lies in their accumulative nature. The single jackpot keeps growing with each spin across the network until someone hits it big, making it possible to win millions from just one spin.
  3. Minimum bet requirement: Most progressive jackpots have a minimum bet size to be eligible for the jackpot. Always check the paytable before playing to ensure your bet qualifies you for the jackpot win.
  4. Random wins: Just like regular slots, progressive ones use a random number generator (RNG). This means every spin is random and independent of past spins. Trying to predict or base your strategy on past spins won’t work.

Types of Progressive Jackpot Slots

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Understanding different types of slot machines at online casinos is key to choosing the game that suits your style and goals best. Here’s a quick rundown of various jackpot types you’ll encounter.

Standalone Progressive Slots

Each bet made on these machines increases the jackpot, but only for that specific machine. It’s a solitary journey, with the jackpot growing exclusively from the bets placed on that one slot. Think of it as a personal savings account, where only your deposits make the balance grow.

Local Progressive Jackpot Slots

Local progressive slots work on a communal level. They pool together bets made by players at the same casino. Imagine a community potluck where everyone brings a dish to the table—that’s how local progressives work. 

The jackpot might not reach the dizzy heights of network progressives, but your chances of winning are typically higher since the jackpot is limited to a single casino’s players.

Network Progressive Slots

These types of progressive slots are the heavyweights. These jackpots accumulate across multiple casinos, pooling bets from various games within a provider’s network. Picture it as a national lottery, with players from all over contributing to one massive jackpot. The potential winnings are huge, but so is the competition.

What Are the Odds of Hitting Progressive Jackpots?

If you’re thinking about your chances of winning progressive slots, you should have realistic expectations. The probability of landing a massive progressive jackpot is similar to winning a major lottery—starting at around 50–100 million to 1. Meanwhile, some Vegas progressive jackpot slot games push the odds even further, stretching from 1 in 150 million to a steep 1 in 300 million.

Two important terms to understand here are RTP and variance:

  1. RTP is the theoretical percentage of total bets that a slot game pays back over time. For instance, a game with an RTP of 96% theoretically returns $96 for every $100 wagered.
  2. Variance, or volatility, indicates how often a slot pays out. Lower volatility means more frequent but smaller payouts, while higher volatility implies larger but rarer wins.

If we take NetEnt’s Mega Fortune as an example, with its low volatility and 96% RTP, we can expect more frequent payouts, though not necessarily jackpot wins. However, remember that slot outcomes are entirely random.
So, when do progressive slots hit? There’s no precise answer, as RTP and variance offer guidelines but no guarantees on outcomes.

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Leading Progressive Jackpot Slot Providers


As one of the first on the scene, Microgaming has a storied history in casino software, and its jackpot slots are a testament to this legacy. The Mega Moolah jackpot, one of the best progressive jackpots, is known for turning players into millionaires with its record-breaking payouts.
Microgaming’s reputation is built on innovation and generous payouts. Its arsenal extends beyond Mega Moolah, with titles like Major Millions and Tunzamunni also drawing in players with the promise of hefty rewards.


The legendary NetEnt is a master at crafting progressive jackpots that are both visually stunning and rewarding. With NetEnt, expect a symphony of high-quality graphics, immersive sound effects, and realistic animations, all combined with straightforward gameplay and enticing jackpot bonus features.
Its flagship title, Mega Fortune, is not just a game; it’s a global jackpot phenomenon known for lavish payouts. Joining this elite list are Arabian Nights and Hall of Gods.


In terms of online progressive games powered by technology, Playtech is at the forefront. It has tapped into the world of pop culture, transforming popular TV shows and comics into online jackpot slots. It brings games like Age of the Gods and Jackpot Giant to life with creative bonus features and exceptional graphics.
Playtech’s library, boasting over 30 progressive jackpot slots, offers a kaleidoscope of themes and designs, ensuring every player can find their jackpot match.
Next up, we’ll explore the iconic progressive slots that have captured the hearts of players worldwide.

Must-Play Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

Playing progressive slots is like entering a world where every spin contains the key to a treasure trove. For beginners, exploring free progressive slots is a great way to get a feel for these popular games without any risk.

Ready to explore these top slots? Here’s a lineup of some of the best progressive jackpot slot titles known for their mega jackpots:

Progressive SlotJackpot TriggerJackpot Range
Mega Moolah by Microgaming
African safari theme
Randomly, spin on the jackpot wheel.$1 million+
Mega Fortune by NetEnt
Luxury lifestyle theme
3 x bonus symbols, bonus wheel.$250,000+
Jackpot Giant by Playtech
Cartoon x fairy tale theme
5 x wild symbols on the first payline.$100,000+
Age of the Gods by Playtech
Greek mythology theme
Randomly, match-three game for one of four jackpots.Fluctuates, with the Ultimate Power Jackpot often hitting six figures.
Aztec Millions by RealTime Gaming
5 x Aztec Millions symbols on any payline.
$1 million+
Arabian Nights by NetEnt
Arabian theme
5 x Arabian Prince symbols on a payline
Joker Millions by Yggdrasil Gaming
Classic & contemporary
Filling all reels with joker symbols in the jackpot spin.$100,000+
Hall of Gods by NetEnt
Norse mythology theme
Bonus game, matching 3 jackpot symbols.$500,000+

Hits and Misses of Progressive Jackpot Slots

When evaluating the pros and cons of progressive slots, it’s important to weigh the thrill of chasing monumental jackpots and the realities of these games.
Let’s take an honest look at what’s at stake.


    • Mega jackpot: The biggest advantage is the possibility of hitting a jackpot that can transform your life overnight.
    • Adrenaline rush: Each spin adds to the excitement by increasing the possibility of winning big.
    • Diverse themes and styles: From ancient myths to modern adventures, progressive jackpots offer a bunch of themes to keep the gameplay fresh.
    • Networked jackpots: Many progressive slot machines are part of larger networks, meaning the jackpot increases rapidly as more players from different casinos contribute.



  • Slimmer odds of winning the jackpot: The likelihood of winning the largest jackpot is much lower compared to regular slots.
  • Higher stakes: To be in the running for the jackpot, higher minimum bets are often required, which might not suit your budget.

Tips to Keep in Mind for Mastering Progressive Slots

Tackling, and winning progressive jackpot slots requires a sense of understanding of the game’s mechanics. Here are essential tips on progressive slot machines to fine-tune your approach and maybe even help you beat progressive slots:

  1. Master the game’s specifics: Each progressive slot has its own set of rules. Familiarize yourself with the paytable to know the minimum bet required for jackpot eligibility and how the jackpot can be triggered, whether through a bonus game or specific symbol combinations.
  2. Learn about the jackpot type: Determine if the slot is linked to a standalone, local, or network-wide progressive jackpot. Network jackpots pool bets from various games across different casinos, which allows you to play progressive slots for larger prizes but with stiffer competition.
  3. Volatility matters: Understanding the volatility of the slot is crucial. High volatility slots offer larger jackpots but less frequent wins, while low volatility slots provide smaller jackpots but more regular payouts. Choose based on your playing style and risk tolerance.
  4. Timing your play: While it’s impossible to predict exactly when a progressive jackpot will hit, you can gather insights by examining the history of past jackpots. Look for patterns in the amounts and intervals of previous wins.
  5. Check bonus rules: If you’re using bonus funds, verify that the progressive slot is eligible under the bonus terms. Some bonuses and free spins may not apply to certain jackpot games, which could affect your winning potential.
  6. Practice in demo mode: Some, not all, progressive jackpot slots may allow players to play slots for free. Playing free online casino games gives you a chance to understand the gameplay, features, and comfort level with the slot’s volatility without financial risk.

FAQs on Progressive Jackpot Slots

No. In most cases, bonuses are restricted to specific slot titles and a bonus offer will rarely be redeemable on a progressive jackpot slot. It’s essential to check the specific terms and conditions of the bonus.

Must-hit-by progressive jackpot games are a special type of game where the jackpot is guaranteed to pay out before it reaches a certain amount.

The payout of a progressive jackpot typically depends on the arrangement between the casino and the game developer. Often, standard jackpots are paid by the casino, whereas progressive jackpot wins might be disbursed by the software developer, especially for large networked jackpots.

The jackpot payout method for a progressive slot game can vary. It’s important to check the rules of a specific online slot game to understand how winnings are paid out. Some games offer a lump sum, while other different games might pay out winnings in installments.