Exploring SiGMA Foundation Projects with Nicky Gouder

Garance Limouzy 1 month ago
Exploring SiGMA Foundation Projects with Nicky Gouder

In a recent interview conducted by Maria Debrincat for SiGMA, Nicky Gouder, a partner at Seed and the Chief Business Development Officer at Binderr, opened up about his approach to philanthropy and his role in supporting meaningful projects through the SiGMA Foundation.

Nicky Gouder’s journey in philanthropy is marked by a deep-seated desire to challenge the status quo. “The status quo is something that annoys me,” he remarked, emphasising his “drive to innovate” and make a tangible difference. Doing things differently is the principle that guides his decisions and actions, in all aspects of his life, he explained.


Finding the right project to invest time and resources into was initially a challenge for Gouder. During the interview, he discussed the importance of trust in the projects he supports and the need for transparent information about their outcomes.

His decision to collaborate with the SiGMA Foundation stemmed from a strong belief in the integrity of the projects and the people involved, particularly citing his long-standing relationship with Keith Marshall, Chief Philanthropy Officer and co-founder of the SiGMA Foundation.

Empowering and fostering independence

Among the projects that resonated deeply with Nicky Gouder is the SiGMA Foundation’s initiative focused on empowering women. Among other initiatives, the foundation financed tailored programs in IT, cookery, sewing, and hairdressing, benefiting hundreds of women annually, helping them achieve employment and financial independence. Gouder emphasised that the foundation’s ultimate goal is to support communities in a sustainable manner, ensuring that initiatives are not short-term fixes but long-term investments in building a brighter future.

Central to Gouder’s philanthropic philosophy is the idea of fostering independence rather than fostering dependence on donations. He believes in using resources to empower individuals, equipping them with the skills and capabilities needed to thrive independently.

Acknowledging that he may not always fully understand the needs on the ground, Gouder stressed the importance of listening to those who are directly involved and have a real understanding of the local context. This approach ensures that the foundation’s efforts are aligned with the actual needs of the communities they serve.

Reflecting on his involvement with philanthropic projects, Gouder finds personal fulfilment in witnessing successful project outcomes. He views the positive transformation in communities as the ultimate reward for his contributions, reinforcing his commitment to making a meaningful difference, and challenging the status quo even further.

Upcoming SiGMA event: The SiGMA East Europe Summit 2024 will be held in Budapest this September.

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