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The recent approval of the bill by the Brazilian Senate that regularises various forms of gambling in Brazil including casinos, bingo, "jogo do bicho," and horse racing, has generated quite a buzz in the gaming and lottery sector. To discuss the impacts, benefits, and challenges of this new legislation, SiGMA interviewed Plínio Lemos Jorge, president of the National Association of Games and Lotteries (ANJL).

The importance of the law's approval

Plínio Lemos Jorge emphasised the significance of the bill's approval by the Senate's Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ). According to him, this is a crucial step for Brazil to align with other regulated jurisdictions. He believes that regulation will bring numerous economic benefits, including job creation and other opportunities.

"We are taking a big step so that next year this entire industry is regulated," Jorge stated. He stressed the importance of a solid constitutional analysis during the plenary vote in the Senate, highlighting the fundamental guarantees present in the 1988 Constitution that support economic activity and free enterprise.

Despite his optimism, Jorge acknowledged that there are still barriers to overcome, especially regarding resistance from some parliamentary groups. He emphasised the importance of a robust legal and economic debate, based on the Brazilian Constitution, to overcome these barriers.

"If senators base this analysis on our Constitution, which already provides shelter for regulated activities, I think the debate will flow very well," he commented.

Guarantees and protective measures

The ANJL has doubled its efforts to ensure that the regulation of gambling in Brazil helps to minimise risks such as money laundering and gambling addiction. Jorge mentioned the association's active participation in the regulation of online games and sports betting, in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and the Betting Secretariat.

"Our concern is to ensure that everything is conducted correctly, with diligence and respect for the player," he said. The association is also launching campaigns to raise public awareness about the legality and security of regulated games.

Economic impact and foreign investment

The expectation of a positive economic impact resulting from the regulation of gambling is high. Jorge cited examples of international events, such as SiGMA Americas 2024, which demonstrated the potential for growth and attraction of foreign investment in the Brazilian gaming sector. The SiGMA event alone, with over 14,000 attendees, significantly boosting tourism and the economy.

"The eyes of the international market are on our country, and we will certainly have large foreign investments that will further fuel the industry, generating jobs and tourism," he affirmed.

Promotion of responsible gaming

In its efforts to promote responsible gaming, the association is implementing various initiatives, including media campaigns to demystify the idea that gambling is harmful. In addition, the association is developing a certification seal for well-intentioned companies operating in Brazil, ensuring they follow good practices and respect players.

"Gambling should be seen as a form of entertainment, not as a way of life or a means to make money. Our focus is to show the seriousness of the sector and guide players to seek out regulated companies," Jorge explained.

Collaboration with the government and international experience

The association intends to collaborate closely with the government and other entities to develop the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of new games, especially casinos. Jorge mentioned the importance of bringing the experience of other countries to assist in effective regulation in Brazil.

"We have been bringing in the experience of professionals from Italy, the United States, and other countries so that we can implement the best practices here, always respecting our Constitution and the specifics of our legal framework," he commented.

The regulation of gambling in Brazil is seen by ANJL as an opportunity for economic growth and job creation, as well as alignment with international practices. The association is committed to ensuring effective regulation that minimises risks and promotes responsible gaming, collaborating with the government and raising public awareness.

"We are working to make this industry as transparent as possible, contributing to Brazil's economic development and ensuring player protection," Plínio Lemos Jorge concluded.

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